Lovely Listen: Your Great Name

Music is a big part of our life:)  My hubby is an amazing musician that writes, produces and plays a bunch of instruments.  I grew up with music always around me…I can sing and maybe play a little piano, but that is about it.  Because of that, music always has a great impact on my life and it is one of the ways that I feel closest to Jesus.  I will get on kicks where I will listen to the same song or artists over and over…recently this is one of the songs that fills my repeat listening.  I thought I would share it with you…it makes me feel like no matter what the circumstance or situation – it can be overcome “at the sound of Your Great Name”.  I don’t know each of your circumstances, but maybe this will encourage you in whatever area that might be a struggle for you and know that Jesus is the answer and all things are possible with His Great Name!