eating healthy…

So now that I am over 6 months post baby, I need to get to work on getting rid of some of this extra weight.  It is not my favorite thing to do, but I really need to get to work!  I have tried many different diets and plans, but have decided to go with Weight Watchers this time…hopefully the final time:)  I really like it because it allows you to eat whatever you want, but you just have to stay within the points.  That seems easy enough, right?  Well, not that easy, but reasonable.  I joined the online version because it is cheaper and it is too hard to go to meetings with a baby in tow.  I joined before Christmas, but spent a little while working on a plan for the different meal options.  I find that is the hardest thing about an “eating plan”…other than sticking to it, preparation!  So, I was trying to create a way for me to be successful by learning more about what we can have and find some good recipes to try.  I am hoping that it is going to be a little easier since my hubby is going to be doing it with me:)

I have found some great recipes from a great site and not only does she have a picture of EVERY recipe that I have seen (which is like one of my favorite things), but she includes the weight watcher points for each one!  I have also found some great stuff on the new weight watchers site.  I will be sharing some of the good recipes as we go along:)

There are also some great applications on the iphone and probably other phones too.  Here are a few of them:

  • Weight Watchers Mobile – which is the tracking app that comes with the online Weight Watchers membership.  It allows you to track your points and look up the point values for all the food items.
  • Weight Watchers Scanner – MY FAVORITE! This is the best, it allows you to scan the bar code and it gives you the points value.  I have found that it has a really big database and even has some of the generic items.  Very helpful when grocery shopping and comparing different brands.
  • Restaurant Nutrition – I haven’t used this much yet, but will!  It has many restaurants that the WW apps doesn’t include.  It gives the nutritional information so that you can input on the WW app to get your point values.  I am thankful for this since you can’t always eat at home.