Summer Learning: Leap Frog Summer Camp

I don’t know about you, but I have been looking for some new things to keep my boys busy this summer!  We haven’t really gotten into a routine yet, so it seems like Jude in particular is always asking me to watch a show or a movie.  In order to keep us from TOO much TV (although there are days that we do have too much:)) I have been looking for other activities for us to do.  Since Lincoln is still little and better if he has two naps, some days we are trying to stay home so that he doesn’t miss the morning nap too many days in a row.  So…that means things that we can do at the hacienda!

I ran across this great little summer camp on the Leap Frog site.  This site will send you an email each week that includes a link for the week.  Each week breaks down each day and gives you an activity to do and then gives other extra things to do each day.  Here is the description that they share on their site:

LeapFrog Summer Camp is designed to keep the learning going all summer long through exciting weekly themes and free, do-anywhere learning activities that explore geography, writing, science, art and more. Sign up to receive a Summer Camp email every other week.

Here is the link for Week 1

Some highlights that I see this week is:

  • Quarter Collectors – let’s you mark when you have collected quarters from each state
  • Things that Go – a chart that you can take with you while you are out to mark which “thing that goes” they see throughout the week
  • Neighborhood Crossword – a crossword with items found in your neighborhood
  • United States Coloring Map – a map that can be colored by the legend to discover the landscapes
  • Eat your way around the world – this sounds like the most fun to me!  I think we will start with Mexico – since Mexican food is our favorite!
  • Famous Places Race – a map that lets you race across the map introducing them to famous places around the United States.

I hope that you will enjoy it with your kiddos!


Great Deal: $20 for $40 worth of fabric at Cabbage Rose

Wow…two great deals in one day!  For all my sewing friends, Cabbage Rose has GREAT fabrics and is so fun!!  The fabrics are a little pricey, but this is a great opportunity for you get them for 50% off.  Check in out at Living Social…where until April 23rd you can buy a $40 worth of product for 1/2 price…$20!  Great deal!!

Check in out here:  Cabbage Rose Deal

Let’s Party: Baseball Theme Baby Boy Shower

One of my good friends, who happens to be one of my creative and crafty friends:) is due to have her little boy any day now.  She decided to have a baseball theme for her soon to arrive little boy Wyatt.  So…the research and crafting began!!  I was super excited and found some really neat things…

I cheated and found this picture that she liked off pinterest…I made one that looked similar that sat on the sign-in table and she could also take home for Wyatt’s room.  The table had a little boys baseball glove, miniature Louisville Slugger bat and a baseball for all the guests to sign:)  There was a pennant that asked them to sign their name:)

I found some cute ideas online and created these little pennants with Wyatt’s name on them. I also found a really cute font that looks like the baseball font:)

These are super easy to make…I forgot to take pictures of the process because I am kind of new to this blogging projects thing.  But, I folded a sheet of scrapbook paper to the size that I wanted the pennant and cut the triangle out of both pieces so that they would stay connected and wrapped it around the little wood rods that you can buy at craft stores.  I just added his name to each of them and inserted into some grass decorations I had around my house!

I created some smaller ones and taped them to toothpicks as well as some baseball cut ones to include in the cupcakes!

Lastly, I used the baseball shape and added the letters of Wyatt’s name to include.  Put them on some pennant triangles and strung them together on a piece of ribbon.  It turned out pretty cute I think!  We also did the clothes on the clothes pins…which was so cute.  There is just something about little “men” clothes all lined up!  I think it was a fun shower and a great success!!

Fun Find: Ikea Markers

We had some family come in town for spring break (which I will post on soon) and one of our stops was IKEA!  Who doesn’t love IKEA…well, I actually know a lot of people that don’t…but not us, we LOVE IKEA!  The only thing that I don’t love about IKEA is that we always spend too much money when we go.  We always find something fun to add to our cart!  Well, this trip we found many things including new dish scrubbing brushes (who doesn’t need those), a cheese grader that has a bowl for the cheese to go into, 2 new lamps for our living room, curtains for my sons room, I think there was more, but we also found these cool markers!  My Jude loves to craft and make cards and pictures for people, so this is perfect for him.  They are so neat, one side has a marker tip and the other side is like a stamp (without the stamp pad…way less messy!).  They are super cool and they were like $2!!  So, next time you visit IKEA…pick some up for your kiddos…they will love them!

Crafty Christie: Crocheting…

I LOVE to try new things!!  Like…probably TOO much…sometimes I try too many things at one time, but oh well.  Recently my Auntie Karen, Uncle Keith and cousins Megan and Jesse came to visit and take pictures of the family and Lincoln’s 9 month pictures.  Karen and Megan were crocheting and she had to go to the store to get some more supplies, so I decided that I should try:)  Jude decided to try it on too:)Karen showed me how to get started and I worked on a hat…I chose black yarn…which was kind of a mistake since it is super hard to see the stitches.  It was a little hard, but I finally finished it. (and Jude tried it on too)

After the hat, I decided to try a few more projects.  First a hat for Lincoln, which is still in progress.  Then I decided to try a “baseball” newborn beanie for a friend of mine that we were planning a baseball themed shower.  I was a little nervous, but think it turned out pretty cute.  I also made a flower headband for one of Jude’s friend’s birthday.

If you have ever wanted to learn, I encourage you to try it!  All you need is the following supplies:

  • Crochet Hook (I would get something like this, it is less than $10 and gives you many options based on different patterns that you need)
  • Yarn (I would start with yarn that is less than $5, there are a lot of options so don’t get too overwhelmed)
  • Scissors (any scissors that will cut yarn will work)
  • Pattern (Do a google search for free crochet patterns and you will come up with a lot them.  Here is one for a newborn beanie to start)

There are some great sites and YouTube videos that show you how to do all the different stitches.  There are also a lot of books that have a lot of patterns in them as well – my hubby got me this one – (excuse the name!)  He went to pick up a few items for me and a lady recommended this book because as she said “It’s not your Grandma’s crocheting”.

You should really try it!  It isn’t very hard and I find it to be really relaxing:)  It keeps your hands busy, but doesn’t take a lot of thinking and then you have a pretty little project!  Let me know what you think and if you decide to try it!

Oh how I love Valentine’s Day!

I know so many people think that Valentine’s Day is a hallmark holiday, but I LOVE it!  I don’t know if it is because growing up I couldn’t wait to have a hubby and fall in love or I just love all the hearts and stuff:)  Either way, it was fun when it was just me and the hubby, but now that we get to add the kiddos it is even more fun!  I love to celebrate ANYTHING really, you see my thoughts are we should make a BIG deal about the fun things because who doesn’t love to celebrate:))  With everything on Pinterest, I felt a little overwhelmed trying to find a cute Valentine for Jude to take to school.  Usually I would try and make something from scratch, but I ran across some great free printables from Living Locurto and decided to use them because they were so cute!

I had a hard time finding the regular pop rocks, but went to the Dollar Store and ran across these great CARS poppin’ candy.  It was perfect because Jude LOVES Cars and then they could each have 3 different flavors!  I was so excited that I found them:)

I always loved it when my Mom would have things all decorated to celebrate a special day, so I guess that is where it came from.  I went to Michaels and ran across some great items that they had marked down to $1 to decorate for the Valentine’s Day table!  And found the balloons and treat bag contents from Dollar Store too!  The boys really loved it!

Lastly, I found these super cute matching PJ’s for the boys at Walmart!  Not only were they Valentine’s Day, but they were Cars as well…a WIN, WIN!!  I know that I am super bias, but they look crazy adorable in them!

I made some gifts for my sweet hubby, but I didn’t take pics…still getting used to trying to remember to take pics.  I know it almost seems like Valentine’s Day was forever ago, but I hope you had a great time celebrating like us!!

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