About me

I am a wife to the greatest hubby a girl could ever ask for and mom to two of the cutest little boys (I am definitely super bias)!  After some major changes in our life – losing a business and a house – we had to look at life a little differently.  One major unexpected blessing that came about was that I had the opportunity to stay at home and focus on being a great wife and mommy.  I have always been one that is interested in SO many things!  I think my list of what I want to do when I grow up is slightly ridiculous.  I am always working on starting something, finish something, make something better or learn something new.  Some of my friends suggested that I start a blog to share some of those things and so I thought I would give it a shot!  This blog will probably be as random as me…one day couponing tips, the next day a neat idea to craft to create or a new recipe and of course I will have plenty of crazy stories and pics from my sweet boys and all the fun they bring to my life.  Also, I hope that you aren’t too hard on my with my grammar rules, etc…because I have a tendency to type like I talk and that has a lot of …’s and a LOT of ! or :)’s.  I never claimed to be a writer…so there:)  Anyway, I hope my blog is something that will add to your day…even if it is just a quick laugh!



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