Baby Paisley Update – Day 7

Monday…it is the week that I will meet my sweet baby girl!  Today was a pretty calm day, just resting and relaxing.  I got a “get things done” wind in me and knocked out a few things on my list that I have been needing to do FOREVER!  I also had a quick sonogram and the sono dr said that she looked good and my fluid was really low.  I asked him if that was bad and he said it wasn’t as long as the baby monitoring was okay.  He confirmed that she was still breach…so even if I had thought in my mind that I might try to do it the “natural (with drugs of course) way”…this way the Lord knew and just confirmed that we were destined for our third c-section.  My hubby came and brought me a few more items that I needed and we got to hang out for a little bit before he had to go pick up the boys.

The boys are feeling way better!  Jude still has a left over cough, but he is doing SO much better.  My mother in law was awesome to watch them for us even though he wasn’t feeling 100%.  We got to facetime again before the boys headed to bed early.

I had a surprise visit from Hayley, Tori and Katy on their way home from an event nearby.  It was nice to have a little distraction before I went to bed.  I don’t know why, but I didn’t feel very good last night…the nurse checked me out and said that everything was okay.  I drank some sprite and just decided to go to sleep so that I wouldn’t be anxious about it.  Overall it was a pretty good day!  Only a few more days:)


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