Baby Update Paisley – Day 8

Happy Tuesday!  Although it looked super dreary outside, today brought many surprises.  My nurse came in to check on me and do all of our monitoring and I told her I was surprised I hadn’t seen my Dr. this morning…she then told me that she had come really early and I had been asleep.  I was a little sad because I had a list of items to ask her about.  The nurse told me that she would let me know if she came by again.  About 20 minutes later my hospital phone rang and it was my Dr.  She talked to me about my sonogram and then said that she found out that a Thursday morning time had opened up for us to deliver and that she was confident that the baby would be good…she was worried that if we stuck with the Friday time that we could get bumped a bunch of times and then it would be all day and I would have not eaten or anything.  She said that it wouldn’t make that much difference to be one day earlier because I was pass the goal of 34 weeks 1 day.  She asked me to check with Kevin and call back if it is what we want to do.  I called Kevin and he was all for it, so I called to tell her that we were a go for Thursday SUPER early!

It was super exciting to think about that I really only had the rest of today and then tomorrow and then we would get to meet her:)  It was exciting and a little crazy at the same time!  There were quite a few things to coordinate and think about…it kind of made me feel like I had been waiting and waiting and then all of a sudden it is here!  My day was pretty busy working on coordinating where the boys were going to be, making lists for Kevin to pack for the boys and few other items for me and Paisley (poor hubby), asking my Mom to pick up or bring a few items that I will need and figuring out when my sister is going to come and how she can help while she is here too.  I even asked my SIL to make some “big brother” shirts for the boys…which I would have planned and had her done earlier…but oh well!  She is awesome and said she could do them for me:)

The afternoon was full of some sweet visitors:  my neighbor Debra and her youngest daughter came by and brought us a Baby Girl pink balloon, Kara and her littlest came by and brought Paisley a new preemie outfit and blanket, Amanda and her littlest came by and brought us some outfits and Amy-Beth came by to visit and keep me company!  It was crazy that they all happen to show up at the same time, but was fun to see everyone.

boysI rested for a little bit and then my BOYS got to come see me!  I was so excited to see them…they both had big smiles on their face when they saw me.  Lincoln especially since he doesn’t really express his feelings in words.  Aunt Ashley brought them up to the hospital to meet up with Kevin and she got them McDonalds on the way.  As soon as they got here, they climbed in bed to sit with me and were focused on eating their food.  It was nice for me though, because I just got to love on them…which was awesome!  They hung out and checked out all of the different buttons and things in my hospital room…then after an hour or so, they started to break down because they both hadn’t had the naps that they needed.  I gave them lots of hugs and kisses, we sang a few songs and then Kevin gathered them up to take them home.

This evening I ordered a few things online that I was needing that hadn’t been ordered before I got put in the hospital, finished making the lists for Kevin and getting ready for the next two days:)  I can’t believe it is so soon!

If you don’t mind, please pray that the c-section will go well and specifically that I won’t get sick during the procedure and that the pain will be controlled.  Also pray that Paisley will come out with strong lungs, super healthy and that she won’t have any difficulties…and will have the least amount of time in the NICU as possible.  Lastly, that my mind with remain peaceful and trusting that everything is going to be fine:)  Thank you so much for walking on this journey with us!


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