Baby Paisley Update – Day 6

Sunday morning was pretty much a blur since I slept on and off to make up for the “fun contractions” in the middle of the night.  I didn’t know what to expect for the day since of the sickness and didn’t want to set my expectations too high.  Kevin texted me and said that his Mom had offered to come watch the boys so that he could come and visit me…I was SO excited that I kinda had a moment!  I know…super silly, but blame it on pregnancy hormones and the fact that I hadn’t seen my hubby in person in 2 days!!  He showed up mid morning and I was thrilled to just sit with him.  We watched church online and then just spent a good part of the day chatting, eating lunch and just spending time together.  It made me SO happy!

photoLate afternoon, my awesome friend Vanessa dropped by and brought me some SUPER cute preemie clothes for Paisley.  Seriously…they are SO cute and I really can’t imagine that she is going to be that tiny!  She was so awesome to wash them and give me a few headbands and bows for her to wear too!!  Seriously…I am SO blessed by such awesome friends!

Kevin had to go home to relieve his Mom and get the boys dinner and such.  I spent the rest of the afternoon working on a few projects and doing more “shopping” online:)  During the evening, I was pleasantly surprised to find out the Screen Actors Guild Awards were on tv and I was super excited because I love award shows!!  I can’t say that Kevin shares my love…but often will watch them with me to make me happy…but this time he didn’t have too:)  I got to facetime with the boys before they went to bed and hopefully Jude will be fever free tomorrow so that I can see them soon.  Here are some of my views from our facetime:)  (please ignore my hospital appearance:))

Lincoln likes to drink!

Lincoln likes to drink!

sweet lincoln

sweet lincoln

Jude and Daddy

Jude and Daddy

If you have a minute, say a prayer that our family could all be healed from all sickness so that at least they can come and see me so that we can make things as “normal” as possible.  Also, today we haven’t had any major contractions…so that is a praise!

I am pretty sure I get another sonogram tomorrow, so I should know more tomorrow…thank you for walking on this journey with our family!  We appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers!


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