Baby Paisley Update – Day 4

Thursday evening ended with some discomfort and what I thought were contractions.  After being monitored they said everything was fine, just to let them know if something changed.  Another aspect of this process that is a little difficult is trying to know when something is a big deal or not.  The great nurses ask so many questions and some make a big deal about things that others don’t even think is a big deal.  So, after that evening, I was a little uncomfortable…more because the baby moves around and it is more uncomfortable because there isn’t that fluid bumper…and probably because night time is always a little harder and I was missing my sweet family.  But, after getting the glorious sleeping pill (which I have never been a huge fan of…but is a must when trying to sleep in a hospital)…I knew I would feel better if I just went to sleep.

Friday started off even better because I did sleep better…it is kind of like when you stay at a hotel, it takes a couple of days to figure out the best ways to sleep.  I was encouraged that it was a little easier to sleep:)  There was a little confusion with my Dr. knowing that I had already had my sonogram, so I didn’t get any breakfast until she came in to see me and realized it had already been done.  She confirmed that the sono dr said everything looked great and that we would be good for late next week…probably Friday.  She was encouraged by everything that the sono dr had reported, so that is good!  She also said that I could eat and apologized for the confusion.

After breakfast, my hubby called to let image-2me know that some guests were coming to visit.  Soon my sweet Sister in Law – Kat and Brother in Law – Charlie came in…and she brought gifts!!  Who doesn’t love gifts?  You see my SIL is one of the people in my life that makes all these super cute gifts, outfits…you name it.  I had secretly been stalking her facebook page Little Prince and Princess Boutique to see if any of my items would be on there…since my shower was suppose to be this Sunday and obviously I will not be able to be there:( She surprised me and brought a few items that she said that I needed now!!  They are TOO cute!  Here is a pic of the custom gown with her name, newborn tutu onesie with her name, baby legs and a headband with two rosette flowers.  Seriously…TOO CUTE!!  After we visited for awhile my Mother in Law, Kevin’s Grandma and his sister Malisa came by to visit.  It was fun to have so many people come by to visit.

imageMy sweet friends Hayley and Tori came by to visit and Hayley brought me a wonderful smoothie and a fun gift for Paisley.  Here is a pic…it is a cute little outfit with a “mccarthy style” jacket…love!  Two sets of bows, a flower clip and a hat with flower…which is perfect because I don’t really have any of those!  It was fun to visit and see their  babies.

After they left, I had to do my morning baby and contraction monitoring.  Then lunch and then I thought I might venture to take a shower.  It was again so glorious to get all cleaned up.  After getting cleaned up, they told me that we were moving yet again:)  This time would hopefully be my last room until Paisley decides to make her arrival!  It is much nicer though…bigger and has a couch for people to sit or Kevin to sleep on…which is must more comfortable then the tiny little chair couch in Labor and Delivery.

I was looking forward to Friday night because the boys were suppose to come up and we were going to have a family movie night…but…they were both acting like they were not feeling well:(  Lincoln had been fighting a cough and yucky nose, but Jude was showing signs of worse…so even though it wasn’t ideal we thought it would be better for them to rest and for them (and me) not be exposed to any extra hospital germs.  We got to facetime so that I could see their sweet faces, but it was difficult to not see them.  I was pretty sad, but my Mom came to the rescue and brought we some dinner (other than awesome hospital food) and we chatted and hung out.  I am so thankful that she came to make the night go by quickly.  After she left, I settled in and tried to get some rest.


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