Baby Paisley Update – Day 5

Saturday began a better day because I finally did sleep better.  I think I might have slept like 4 hours in a row…which is kind of a record…even from when I was at home:)  I was really looking forward to Saturday because my Mom and Dad were going to take the boys and Kevin was going to come and hang out and spend the night with me.  Although, those plans quickly changed…Kevin text me and said that Jude had been sick with the stomach bug in the night and that he was running a fever…AND my Mom text me and said that she was sick with different symptoms of a stomach bug too!  I have to admit at the moment I was sad and pretty emotional thinking…really?  Don’t we have enough going on with our family trying to keep running while I am stuck here in this hospital room…do we REALLY need for people to be sick?  And then very SELFISHLY I was super disappointed because I wanted to spend some quality time with my hubby:(  I felt so horrible that Kevin was having to handle all of the yuckyness by himself and I felt so sad that I hadn’t got to love on my sweet boys in a couple of days.  Honestly that is why it took me so long to update the blog…I was worried that all my “positive” attitude would be gone and it would sound like I was being all whiny…which is not what I want!  I know that there are others that have been here SOOOOO much longer than me and that it is a blessing…I just think that it is normal to have a few moments of feeling down:)

Thankfully my friend Bethany came by and brought me a pretty plant with pretty pink flowers to brighten my room.  It was nice to have a little conversation to take my mind off of the disappointment.  The day was pretty uneventful and then I decided to make the most of my time and get some extra rest and research some cute outfits for all “soon to be” 3 babies!!

Later in the evening my friend Christi and her sweet daughter Hannah came by and brought me a yummy chocolate milk shake:)  The conversation and the ice cream made my day better.  Karen also came by and stayed late until it was almost time for me to sleep.  I know it is a sacrifice of time for them to come and hang out at the hospital and I really am so grateful!  It was late after Karen left, so I got all settled to sleep…or so I thought.

Around 1:30AM I had some pretty strong contractions, so I called the nurse and they made me get hooked up to the contraction monitor…turns out I was having pretty consistent contractions and had them for the next 2+ hours.  I ended up having 2 shots to get them stopped…which make you feel all jittery and makes your heart beat super fast.  Thankfully the contractions stopped and I was able to go to sleep!  Praise the Lord for another day for Paisley to grow!


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