Baby Paisley Update – Day 3

Day three started pretty early…I thought I was going to get to sleep a little more, but overnight I had to have two dosages of antibiotics and was up a lot going to the bathroom.  (Warning…TMI)  Because the baby is still producing fluid, you are continuously “leaking” fluid and you have to be aware of the color of the fluid to make sure there is no bleeding or infection.  In addition to that in the morning I had some cramping, so they took me to monitor the baby and the contractions early in the morning. (Done TMI)  I was having some contractions, but they weren’t too consistent so they weren’t too worried about it.  Paisley decided to sleep, so they made me eat my breakfast while they were monitoring to wake her up.  She woke up and gave a good reading, so I got to go back to my room.  I was pretty tired from all the overnight activities, so I took a little nap while I could.

I expected the day to be pretty uneventful because most of my appointments were done until Friday.  Other than the normal checking in, I did my best to relax and rest.  Early afternoon my sweet friends Azu and Karen came by to bring me some lunch and chat.  I also got Paisley’s first “preemie” outfit…that is super adorable!  (maybe I can post a pics soon)  It is crazy to me that she will be here so soon and that she will be so tiny to fit into it.  It was great to have conversation to help remember how life is going on outside this tiny room!  While they were here my Dr. came to visit and told me that we had a tentative date for when Paisley might arrive.  She said probably next Friday…not tomorrow, but the next Friday.  Initially I was a little surprised because the sono dr had said maybe Mon or Tues…but, want to make the best decision for Paisley.  She said that I would have another sono tomorrow and then we could make a tentative plan.  I felt good about it because at least some plan is better than just not knowing.

Later in the afternoon my parents came by and chatted with me.  My mom had made the first panel of Paisley’s baby bedding to make sure it was what I was wanting.  It is going to be super cute!  We also made a list of some of the items that we need to work on before P’s arrival.  As a surprise in the middle of our visit my nurse came and said that the sono dr was here and decided to go ahead and do my scan today.  So, not only would be know more information, but my parents would get to see her!  He told me that I had good fluid for someone that had ruptured, she was breach with her feet up to her chest like a check mark and that he thought everything looked great.  He thought I should deliver anytime after 34 weeks 1 day…which would be Thurs or Friday…of course unless we have complications.  That basically confirmed what my Dr had said and helped to have a “tentative” plan…which can always change.

After my parents left, I rested for a little while and then got to visit with Kevin and my sweet boys.  That has to be one of the hardest things about this whole journey…being away from them!  They are doing great, but I worry that the non-schedule and being taken between different houses will bother them and they don’t really understand what is going on.  But, I know that God has this all in His hands and trust that His provision will help us all get through until we can all be at home together!

Kevin and I are overwhelmed by all the support via phone, text, facebook and in person…helping watch the boys and providing extra support.  We are so thankful for your prayers and support and feel beyond blessed to be going on this journey with you as our friends.  Until tomorrow…good night!


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