Baby Paisley – Day Two

Yesterday started off a little difficult as we decided to have Kevin go back to work so that he wouldn’t have to use all his days before we really need to use them when Paisley actually makes her arrival:)  We were surprised early in the morning to get to have our specialist sonogram before he had to leave.  The sonogram Dr. said that the fluid was low, but not totally gone, Paisley was transverse (meaning horizontal)…which was helping me not to go into labor and that he estimated that she was around 5 lbs 1 ounce!!!  Which was super awesome news!  The NICU doctor had said that if she was less than 4 lbs she would have to be in an isolate, but hoping that the sonogram is closer to what she weighs…then she won’t have too.  He also suggested that we wait until at least next Mon or Tues to deliver so that she is 34 weeks unless infection or labor occurred.  When we got back to our room, our Dr. happened to be there and she was excited about all the news from the sono and said that it would most likely be sometime next week.

After the Dr. left, Kevin had to leave to actually go get some of the projects done that he had at work and for a moment I was a little emotional.  I am sure it just hit all at one time, but that was really the first time in all three of our pregnancies that I had been totally by myself.  I knew it was the best decision, but didn’t mean it made it any easier to see him walk out the door.  Thankfully I had a super tasty:) hospital breakfast to take my mind off of it!  I also got to relax a little bit and take a morning nap.

Mid morning I was disconnected from the continuous baby and contraction monitors (just twice a day)…and then she taped up my IV so that I could take a GLORIOUS shower!  I was so excited and felt SO much better after getting the chance to clean up…it made it such a better day!  Because the hospital is renovating and adding a new building that just happened to be right behind the room I was in, there was a lot of very noisy construction going on.  Enough ladies had their babies, so I got to move to another Labor and Delivery room until a Antepartum room became available.  The new room was great…it was less noisy and best of all had a better bed that was way more comfortable.  Once I got settled, I took advantage of the “free time” to think about all the things that I have been wanting to work on, but have a hard time since there are usually two little guys needing me most moments.  I was doing my best to keep my mind on all the positives and knocking off a few things on my list:)

The afternoon was broken up by my sweet friend Vanessa and her twins that came by and visited.  I never really realized how awesome it is to have friends that will drop everything to help you take care of your children or just come and chat to help the time go by…I am so thankful!

Later in the evening my sweet In-laws came by and Kevin came by to say hello.  They helped me move to yet another room…an actual antepartum room and get settled in again.  I also got to be removed from the IV unless they were giving me antibiotics…so that was awesome to have so much more freedom.  Kevin had to leave to go pick up the boys, so quickly after I had to go get my monitoring done.  Once done with that, I took my sleeping pill and packed it in for the night.  It was a busy day, but a great day and one day closer to meeting our sweet baby girl Paisley!


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