Baby Paisley is trying to make an early arrival!

ImageNote:  I decided to utilize my “being boring time” (as my Dr. calls it) to write down this adventure so I remember…and thought I would post in case anyone wants to know what is going on…don’t feel obligated to read all of my silly details:)

So…we have had a little kink thrown into our plan.  My water broke around 12:45 AM on Monday night or early Tuesday morning really.  Most of you know that Lincoln also made his arrival this way…but he was a little over 35 weeks gestational age.  Paisley on the other hand was 33 weeks yesterday.  You wouldn’t think 2 weeks would make that big of a difference, but as I have learned over the past 24 hours…1 week makes a big difference.

So, my water broke at home…I woke up Kevin and both of us were VERY shocked!  We called the Dr. on call and he told us to head to the hospital to get checked…because it could have been a “bladder event”….which basically means that he was telling me that I could have just wet my pants:)  I was pretty positive that it was my water since I had experienced it before…but without most of the items that I had planned on taking with me…we headed to the hospital.  Oh…and I called my sweet parents and my Mom came over to be with the boys.  I was a little overwhelmed with emotions not knowing what would be next…not being prepared (which is not my favorite thing)…and most of all worried that Paisley would be okay.

We arrived at the hospital and they tested to make sure that my water had in fact ruptured…which it had.  They began monitoring me and the baby.  I started having pretty consistent contractions, so I had to take this yucky shot to make them stop…twice.  They also gave me another “not” awesome steroid shot to help with Paisley’s lung development…twice.  And no food…just ice chips.  We pretty much were told to hang out and that we would probably talk to the Dr in the morning and know if we were going to try and stay pregnant for a little while or if we were going to deliver.  I was feeling a little better after being re-assured that 33 weeks is early, but there are lots of babies that are born even earlier than that.

We made it through the rest of the night and were hoping to see the Dr. early…because she is usually an early bird!  But, we didn’t hear from her until after noon…the nurse came in and told us that we were going to try and keep me pregnant for a little while to let Paisley develop a little more.  I had mixed feelings on this decision…obviously, I want what is best for our sweet baby girl…but, my crazy analytical brain started thinking…what does that mean…how long? 1 week…or 6 weeks when she is due…and who will take care of the boys?…and so on…so forth!  Later in the afternoon we got to talk to my Dr and she said that she would like to try and make it to 34 weeks at least…which would be 7 days.  But, she wanted to have a specialist do a sonogram to see how big she is and check the fluid levels.  This was some what of a relief…I can do 7 days…that is WAY less than 6 weeks:)  And even though we will have to stay longer because of c-section (3rd one for me and she is transverse), but also because she will need to be in the nicu for a little bit.

In addition to making plans for the boys and figuring out the best plan, the day was full of different hospital people coming to visit.  We talked to the NICU specialist to help us understand what the risks are with a 33 week old baby compared to a 35 week (which is what Lincoln was).  Basically, depending on their lung development, there is a bigger chance that she might need help breathing initially…could be a lot of help or just a little for a very short period of time.  And then the additional confusion with the sucking, swallowing & breathing combo (which is what Lincoln struggled with).  Overall, he was very encouraging and said that she should be fine, but would have to spend time in the NICU.

Other than that, we had the practical items…I didn’t have anything that I needed to stay…no shower stuff, no extra clothes, no toiletries…so Kevin headed to the house to follow my big list to pack my bag and bring me some entertainment for the next 7+ days!  Then there was the silly stuff…my toes needed to be painted really bad, my legs were less than smooth and I really wish that I had taken a shower before we came to the hospital.  Fortunately, two of my sweet friends came to sit with me…brought lunch, chat and PAINTED my toenails and fingernails.  Seriously…I have the best friends in the whole world!  They really helped me keep my mind on the goal and helped me feel like we could make it all work.  That is walking out “doing life” with your spiritual family!

After they left, we got settled it – had a short visit from our sweet boys…more for me then them…since they were ready to leave within like 30 min:)  Then after a little TV, we both went to sleep early so that we could be rested for the next day of adventures!


2 thoughts on “Baby Paisley is trying to make an early arrival!

  1. Just wanted to give you some words of encouragement…. I know Chrissy Giddens from elementary days and saw her post about baby Paisley. With my first pregnancy I had preclampsia but both of us hung on untill 35 weeks. During my second pregnancy I monitored everything closely but at 30 weeks the protien in my urine spiked way too high. So, like you, I was sent to the hospital…… unprepared, unmanicured, and unshaven! I was given a steriod shot to help Avery’s lungs develope and wait…. and wait… and wait. My protien levels stayed right at border line and even though I begged and pleaded they wouldn’t let me go home. So after three weeks of seperation anxiety from my normal daily life it was finally time. During those 3 weeks I almost went stir crazy. Thanks to some great friends, AWESOME parents, and a wonderful daddy I survived. Avery gained almost a whole two pounds and was delivered at 33 weeks, 4 lbs 5 oz., and healthy. She was put on by-pap as a precaution and was being fed by a tube for awhile but she was healthy. It was TOUGH to leave her there when it was time to go home. The daily trips to see her always ended in tears because she wasnt sleeping in HER bed in HER room in OUR house. But the moral of this story is that all turned out great and its in Gods hands. Today Avery is two years old (and acting it as well!) and happy and healthy. Good luck to you and your family and welcome baby Paisley!

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