Great Deal: We love Legos…and Legoland!

At our house Legos have become quite a big deal.  Jude is now 5 and he has begun to get really into Legos.  We had a Star Wars birthday and it began with all the really cool Star Wars Lego ships and characters.  Then we have a Legoland that is not too far from us that we went to visit and he LOVED it!  I have a feeling that this Christmas will be filled with lots of fun lego projects to build:)

Well…you may be thinking…what does this have to do with a “great deal”?  I found two things that I thought I would share with all the other boy mommies out there!  I have been researching holiday events in our area and while researching I ran across a great deal for Legoland year passes!

Legoland and Sea Life are both having GREAT deal on Annual Passes for the month of November.  Usually an individual year pass is $64.95 and for November it is $37.89 and the family pass (including 4 family members) is usually @216.50 and for November it is $108.25!  That is 50% off and really you only have to go a few times to get your moneys worth.  Click here to find your local Legoland.

The second thing that is available is a free Lego Club magazine.  It is really simple and I just signed up today!  Jude will be so excited to get his own mail and to take the time to look through and see all the fun stuff included.

Hope you enjoy!



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