so long short hair…hello long hair

So about 2 1/2 year ago I decided to try and grow my hair out because I hadn’t ever had long hair.  It is kind of crazy because I didn’t think that I could actually have the patience to grow it out long…and then I turned around and it was CRAZY long!  It was kind of exciting to get to do new fun hairstyles including braids and buns that I had never been able to do before…but, I literally never wore it down.  I didn’t have (or make) the time to blow dry it all the way and make it look pretty down…so I just always wore it up.  After getting tired of always wearing my hair up and then I started getting headaches from how heavy it was…I decided to cut it off last week:)  I was really sad that all of the hard work of growing it out would go to waste and be on my hair dressers floor, so I looked up how long it had to be to donate.  Just by chance Pantene Beautiful Lengths take 8 inch donations…which made me SO happy!  I had thought that it would be awesome to be able to give my hair to be used for someone that needed it and I got to!
We had to go through 2 haircuts to get a cut that looked good.  It was so freeing (if that is a word) and I love it!  I thought I might be sad that I cut my hair, but there have only been a few times that I wish I could have put it up in a pony tail…other than that it takes WAY less time to do and makes me feel prettier:)  Jude had a very strong reaction when he first saw it and was SO sad that I had cut it off…it took a day or so for him to get used to it.  It is so funny the things that bother him.
the final cut!
Just in case you decide you might want to do the same, here is a video that I saw on Facebook about where the ponytail goes…it is pretty cool and hopefully someone is enjoying all that hair:)

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