Great Sites: Kids in Mind

Have you ever been sitting in a movie and all of a sudden a super inappropriate scene starts to play?  Or take your kiddos to something that you thought was a kid friendly movie and then surprised by the content and the language?  Well, I hate to say it, but I have been in both situations.  Since then, my hubby and I have made an effort to check Kids In Mind each time before we go to the movies to make sure we aren’t surprised again.

It is SUPER detailed…I thought a little too much when I first looked it over, but now I just look at the ratings (which are divided in three areas:  Sex&Nudity, Violence&Gore, Profanity) and if one stands out I read some more into it.  I don’t know if this is something that you ever had a need for, but I just thought I would share with you because it has been a great resource for us.


4 thoughts on “Great Sites: Kids in Mind

  1. Thanks for the tip. My husband and I have been trying to think of good movies for our kids to see and our memories obviously don’t recall all the profanity in most movies. We thought “E.T.” would be a great one (and it is) except for the swear words! Way more than I thought!

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