Summer Learning: Leap Frog Summer Camp

I don’t know about you, but I have been looking for some new things to keep my boys busy this summer!  We haven’t really gotten into a routine yet, so it seems like Jude in particular is always asking me to watch a show or a movie.  In order to keep us from TOO much TV (although there are days that we do have too much:)) I have been looking for other activities for us to do.  Since Lincoln is still little and better if he has two naps, some days we are trying to stay home so that he doesn’t miss the morning nap too many days in a row.  So…that means things that we can do at the hacienda!

I ran across this great little summer camp on the Leap Frog site.  This site will send you an email each week that includes a link for the week.  Each week breaks down each day and gives you an activity to do and then gives other extra things to do each day.  Here is the description that they share on their site:

LeapFrog Summer Camp is designed to keep the learning going all summer long through exciting weekly themes and free, do-anywhere learning activities that explore geography, writing, science, art and more. Sign up to receive a Summer Camp email every other week.

Here is the link for Week 1

Some highlights that I see this week is:

  • Quarter Collectors – let’s you mark when you have collected quarters from each state
  • Things that Go – a chart that you can take with you while you are out to mark which “thing that goes” they see throughout the week
  • Neighborhood Crossword – a crossword with items found in your neighborhood
  • United States Coloring Map – a map that can be colored by the legend to discover the landscapes
  • Eat your way around the world – this sounds like the most fun to me!  I think we will start with Mexico – since Mexican food is our favorite!
  • Famous Places Race – a map that lets you race across the map introducing them to famous places around the United States.

I hope that you will enjoy it with your kiddos!


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