Summer Fun: Grapevine Friday Fireworks

Who doesn’t love Fireworks?  We LOVE fireworks at the Simons house!  Grapevine is having Fireworks Shows all Summer on Friday Fireworks

A 12-minute fireworks display taking place over Lake Grapevine every Friday night at 9:30 p.m. Best viewing locations are your favorite lake parks or on top of the parking garage at the Gaylord Texan Resort for the Garage Rock Out Party.  They also have a detailed page that give you the best places to see the fireworks and the music that you can download so that you can play it while the fireworks are going:)  That is SO exciting to me, because music make everything better!

We are gonna try and go at least once this summer!  Let me know if you go!


2 thoughts on “Summer Fun: Grapevine Friday Fireworks

  1. That sounds so fun! Allie LOVED fireworks last 4th of July, so we’ll see how it goes over this year. She seems a lot more skiddish now than she used to be. When do the summer movies start?

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