Let’s Party: Baseball Theme Baby Boy Shower

One of my good friends, who happens to be one of my creative and crafty friends:) is due to have her little boy any day now.  She decided to have a baseball theme for her soon to arrive little boy Wyatt.  So…the research and crafting began!!  I was super excited and found some really neat things…

I cheated and found this picture that she liked off pinterest…I made one that looked similar that sat on the sign-in table and she could also take home for Wyatt’s room.  The table had a little boys baseball glove, miniature Louisville Slugger bat and a baseball for all the guests to sign:)  There was a pennant that asked them to sign their name:)

I found some cute ideas online and created these little pennants with Wyatt’s name on them. I also found a really cute font that looks like the baseball font:)

These are super easy to make…I forgot to take pictures of the process because I am kind of new to this blogging projects thing.  But, I folded a sheet of scrapbook paper to the size that I wanted the pennant and cut the triangle out of both pieces so that they would stay connected and wrapped it around the little wood rods that you can buy at craft stores.  I just added his name to each of them and inserted into some grass decorations I had around my house!

I created some smaller ones and taped them to toothpicks as well as some baseball cut ones to include in the cupcakes!

Lastly, I used the baseball shape and added the letters of Wyatt’s name to include.  Put them on some pennant triangles and strung them together on a piece of ribbon.  It turned out pretty cute I think!  We also did the clothes on the clothes pins…which was so cute.  There is just something about little “men” clothes all lined up!  I think it was a fun shower and a great success!!


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