Spring Break!

this picture says it all...rangers and cardinals!

This year we had special visitors during our Spring Break:)  My cousin Laura (whose cool garden blog you can visit here), her hubby and their two kiddos.  They drove all the way from Missouri to visit us.  It was a great excuse for my hubby to take 3 days off of work, which gave us a sort of “mini-vaca”…which was super fun!  It was a very eventful couple of days!!  The first day, they wanted to visit IKEA (which I mentioned earlier)…which we bought too many things:)  That night we watched the movie Reel Steel.  It is such a good “boy” movie…wish it didn’t have the little language that it does…but the boys loved it!  Who doesn’t love big robot boxers:)  We went to sleep late as usual!

The next day, we decided to split up…the girls (and baby Lincoln) headed to the American Girl store and the boys went to a record store for cousin Ryan to see if he could find anything to add to his collection.  I don’t know about the boys, but the girls had fun…and I have to say being a Mommy of boys doesn’t give me too many opportunities to go to doll stores…if you can even call the American Girl store that.  It is CRAZY!  There are all the dolls out…which there are like 100 to choose from…and outfits, props (strollers, pets, etc), best friends and so much more.  They also have a bistro where you can eat with your doll, we didn’t do that because we didn’t plan ahead.  And the best of all, there is a doll boutique:)  There are little hair dressing chairs that swivel and each has their own spot light…the hairdresser fix their hair or pierce their ears or whatever you decide you want to do.  We got there about 2 hours after the store opened and it was a 2 hour wait to have your doll fixed.  It was so amazing…can’t say that I would have even known what to do with all that when I was little.  I did see this outfit…which I thought, if the Lord decides to bless me with a little girl someday…it would be a perfect doll for her:)  Here’s to hoping!

Anyway, after that we met up with the boys at the Airport Observatory.  It is a really cool place you can go and watch the planes take off and land.  You can even hear the dispatchers telling them when they can land and stuff.  There are picnic tables for you to each lunch and so we brought a picnic lunch to enjoy while we watched the planes.  It was fun and everyone enjoyed it.  Just a tip though – for those of you in the DFW area, if you plan on going to have a picnic, plan for it to be very windy!  I don’t know why it is, but it always seems to be every time we are there.

After resting and a quick trip to Sam Moon for the girls…we headed to Main Event to play games and bowling!  Jude had never been bowling before and I was so excited for him to try it.  He did great…and they had a little ramp that he could use to push the ball down…and the bumpers to make sure we don’t have constant gutter balls:)) With both of those things, he ended up getting one of the best scores!!  We had a great time – minus one really bruised finger from getting smashed in between the bowling balls…OUCH!  It was pretty late, so most of us went to sleep when we got home.

The next day, they had to head home…which we were sad and Jude was so lonely…he loved having someone to run and play with and someone to read to him all the time:))  The rest of the weekend we pretty much took it easy and relaxed and played…we had to recover from all that fun in a 48 hour period!  I hope you had a great Spring Break…what did you do?


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