Oh how I love Valentine’s Day!

I know so many people think that Valentine’s Day is a hallmark holiday, but I LOVE it!  I don’t know if it is because growing up I couldn’t wait to have a hubby and fall in love or I just love all the hearts and stuff:)  Either way, it was fun when it was just me and the hubby, but now that we get to add the kiddos it is even more fun!  I love to celebrate ANYTHING really, you see my thoughts are we should make a BIG deal about the fun things because who doesn’t love to celebrate:))  With everything on Pinterest, I felt a little overwhelmed trying to find a cute Valentine for Jude to take to school.  Usually I would try and make something from scratch, but I ran across some great free printables from Living Locurto and decided to use them because they were so cute!

I had a hard time finding the regular pop rocks, but went to the Dollar Store and ran across these great CARS poppin’ candy.  It was perfect because Jude LOVES Cars and then they could each have 3 different flavors!  I was so excited that I found them:)

I always loved it when my Mom would have things all decorated to celebrate a special day, so I guess that is where it came from.  I went to Michaels and ran across some great items that they had marked down to $1 to decorate for the Valentine’s Day table!  And found the balloons and treat bag contents from Dollar Store too!  The boys really loved it!

Lastly, I found these super cute matching PJ’s for the boys at Walmart!  Not only were they Valentine’s Day, but they were Cars as well…a WIN, WIN!!  I know that I am super bias, but they look crazy adorable in them!

I made some gifts for my sweet hubby, but I didn’t take pics…still getting used to trying to remember to take pics.  I know it almost seems like Valentine’s Day was forever ago, but I hope you had a great time celebrating like us!!

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