Lovely Listen: Your Great Name

Music is a big part of our life:)  My hubby is an amazing musician that writes, produces and plays a bunch of instruments.  I grew up with music always around me…I can sing and maybe play a little piano, but that is about it.  Because of that, music always has a great impact on my life and it is one of the ways that I feel closest to Jesus.  I will get on kicks where I will listen to the same song or artists over and over…recently this is one of the songs that fills my repeat listening.  I thought I would share it with you…it makes me feel like no matter what the circumstance or situation – it can be overcome “at the sound of Your Great Name”.  I don’t know each of your circumstances, but maybe this will encourage you in whatever area that might be a struggle for you and know that Jesus is the answer and all things are possible with His Great Name!



Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The Simons wanted to wish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I thought with it falling on a Saturday that we would do way more things then we ended up doing.  We ended up relaxing and recuperating from some of the fun we had over spring break.  We did dress in green and ate a few green things:)  I have a friend that is a super mom and has something special for every holiday, I always want to be a little more like that:)  This holiday I didn’t do as much, but it was still fun!  Something that we did was make green mac & cheese and green ketchup.  I have to say that it is strange what changing the color of food does to the taste.  We love mac & cheese, but when it was green…it seemed to taste different.  What did you do to celebrate the special day?

Fun Find: Ikea Markers

We had some family come in town for spring break (which I will post on soon) and one of our stops was IKEA!  Who doesn’t love IKEA…well, I actually know a lot of people that don’t…but not us, we LOVE IKEA!  The only thing that I don’t love about IKEA is that we always spend too much money when we go.  We always find something fun to add to our cart!  Well, this trip we found many things including new dish scrubbing brushes (who doesn’t need those), a cheese grader that has a bowl for the cheese to go into, 2 new lamps for our living room, curtains for my sons room, I think there was more, but we also found these cool markers!  My Jude loves to craft and make cards and pictures for people, so this is perfect for him.  They are so neat, one side has a marker tip and the other side is like a stamp (without the stamp pad…way less messy!).  They are super cool and they were like $2!!  So, next time you visit IKEA…pick some up for your kiddos…they will love them!

Crafty Christie: Crocheting…

I LOVE to try new things!!  Like…probably TOO much…sometimes I try too many things at one time, but oh well.  Recently my Auntie Karen, Uncle Keith and cousins Megan and Jesse came to visit and take pictures of the family and Lincoln’s 9 month pictures.  Karen and Megan were crocheting and she had to go to the store to get some more supplies, so I decided that I should try:)  Jude decided to try it on too:)Karen showed me how to get started and I worked on a hat…I chose black yarn…which was kind of a mistake since it is super hard to see the stitches.  It was a little hard, but I finally finished it. (and Jude tried it on too)

After the hat, I decided to try a few more projects.  First a hat for Lincoln, which is still in progress.  Then I decided to try a “baseball” newborn beanie for a friend of mine that we were planning a baseball themed shower.  I was a little nervous, but think it turned out pretty cute.  I also made a flower headband for one of Jude’s friend’s birthday.

If you have ever wanted to learn, I encourage you to try it!  All you need is the following supplies:

  • Crochet Hook (I would get something like this, it is less than $10 and gives you many options based on different patterns that you need)
  • Yarn (I would start with yarn that is less than $5, there are a lot of options so don’t get too overwhelmed)
  • Scissors (any scissors that will cut yarn will work)
  • Pattern (Do a google search for free crochet patterns and you will come up with a lot them.  Here is one for a newborn beanie to start)

There are some great sites and YouTube videos that show you how to do all the different stitches.  There are also a lot of books that have a lot of patterns in them as well – my hubby got me this one – (excuse the name!)  He went to pick up a few items for me and a lady recommended this book because as she said “It’s not your Grandma’s crocheting”.

You should really try it!  It isn’t very hard and I find it to be really relaxing:)  It keeps your hands busy, but doesn’t take a lot of thinking and then you have a pretty little project!  Let me know what you think and if you decide to try it!

Fun Find: Pampers Disposable Bibsters

Lincoln has been eating baby food for a little while now, which can be a little messy:)  My sister-in-law gave me a few of these “bibsters” a while back because she didn’t need them anymore.  I hadn’t even heard of them…BUT, they are AWESOME!  You know how when you are feeding your baby and they get food all over the bib and it stains it or makes it REALLY dirty?  Well, these are great because you can just put them over the bib that you have on already or just put it on by itself and it collects all the food…when you are done you just throw it away!!  They are a little pricey, so we only use them when we are out and about…but it is so worth it so that you don’t have to carry around a dirty bib in your diaper bag:)  I haven’t bought any yet, but found them at BuyBuyBaby!

Oh the places I find him:)

I don’t know that I need to even add a caption, but I thought it would be fun to include some of the crazy places that I have found Lincoln.  This time he was taking a nap and I thought had woke up, but looked like he was still sleeping in the monitor…so I went to check on him and this is what I found!  Looks super comfy right?