Why I started Couponing!

If you read the About Me section…you learned that we went through a rough time not too long ago that included me losing most of my business and my family losing our house to foreclosure.  It was a tough time, but looking back it was a blessing as well.  The journey not only grew our faith and trust in Jesus and His plan for our life, but it made us want to be better.  All of those things didn’t happen because we didn’t have a budget or because we made a lot of bad decisions, it was more circumstance.  But, we didn’t want to have to learn it twice so we made a plan to learn more about making the best decisions regarding our money.

One of the major things we have done is to go through Dave Ramsey’s FPU and through our church’s Crown Financial program called Stewardship 1.  We have done our best to keep on a budget and have been on and off about being a totally cash based household…but, we haven’t charged anything since before July 2010…and have made some progress in paying off the debt that we have!

One of the other things I have gotten into was couponing!  One night I was watching TV and saw Extreme Couponing that inspired me to try and figure it all out.  I knew that I couldn’t probably accomplish what they were able to, but I figured if I could just save us 25 – 50%, that would put extra money in our budget and get us closer to our plan to be debt free!

After some research, I can’t say that I am an expert – but I feel like I understand the basics and am in the process of getting better each month.  I have had quite a few friends ask me about it and I thought this might be an easy way to share some of the tools that I use and to share the journey.  If you are interested in starting to coupon, I hope to share some tools and tips that I have found helpful.  And if you are just looking for deals and interested in seeing what is up with us, feel free to check out the blog and we will keep you posted on our latest find!

Either way, I hope that it can inspire you to feel like you can save a little or a lot!

Happy Couponing!



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