Fun Finds: Oxo Tot Straw and Sippy Cup Top Cleaning Set

I don’t know about you, but one of my least favorite things to do at the end of the day is cleaning “the bottles”.  I usually procrastinate until the last one has been used and I absolutely HAVE to clean them:)  I recently went with one of my sweet friends to help them register for the arrival of twin babies…and found a new tool…the Oxo Tot Straw and Sippy Cup Top Cleaning SetIt has made the cleaning process SO much easier!!  It has three parts included…one small brush that is used to clean the nipples and inside breast feeding pump parts, one pointy piece that can be used to clean those little drink holes in the sippy cups (which I am excited about when baby L gets older) and lastly, the BEST part…the long brush that fits perfectly in the tube for the Dr. Brown’s bottle (which they do include a little one, but it is always getting lost), it can also be used to clean the yellow rubbery thingy too!  It is so wonderful because I can keep it right next to the regular bottle cleaner and I never lose the little brush.  Oh, AND it’s PINK! (I couldn’t find a pink picture) I figure I am the one that is using it…so I should get to choose my favorite color.  It might just be me that gets so frustrated by this…but I thought I would share it with you in case you share in my frustration.  Happy Bottle Cleaning!!


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